Lisbon Tile

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Lisbon Tile

Paper Type
  • Lined
  • Plain
  • With Elastic
  • Without Elastic
  • Din A4 32x22 Cm
  • Din A5 23x17 Cm
  • Din A6 17x12 Cm
  • Din A7 14x10 Cm

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Inspired by the wonderful world of tiles in Lisbon, which line the city building facades.

Notebooks manufactured by one of the oldest Portuguese companies - Papelarias Emílio Braga - since 1918.

Handmade, without recourse to industrial equipment, they are sewn and glued, with techniques with more than 100 years.

And because we know how much you love a custom product, we offer 48 possible combinations that you can choose from!

Black or Yellow, Plain, Dots, and Lined, with or without elastic and with 4 different dimensions, from A4 (32x22 cm) to A7 (14x10 cm).

Sheets of 90 g on cream paper, special for writing.

Includes a card based on one side and checkered on the other, to serve as a writing guide.

Certified source paper.

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Papelarias Emílio Braga

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