Delivery times:

Emilio Braga dispatches orders daily. Within Mainland Portugal, shipments take at least three to five business days. For foreigners, delivery times are usually around a week (for Europe) or two (for the rest of the world).

Delivery Guarantee: in case of loss of registered shipments, Papelaria Emilio Braga undertakes to reimburse the customer for the total amount of his order. The customer is responsible for picking up his order in time at the chosen carrier's deposit, if it is not delivered by hand by the courier. In the event that the order is returned to the sender because it has not been delivered in a timely manner or picked up at the carrier, the reshipment will only be made upon further payment of the shipping charges.

Out of Stock: Customers will be refunded the full amount of items that cannot be sent to them due to out of stock.

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