Peb Stitched BIO

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Peb Stitched BIO

  • 13x21 Cm
  • 9x14 Cm

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Notebook Stitched on the spine with 48 pages in plain paper

Sold in Pack of 3 Units

Elaborated in 2 formats

Notebooks made with Sugarcane Bagasse paper.

This new, innovative and unique role was designed especially for companies and individuals whose responsibility and commitment to the environment lead them to use sustainable products. All products of this brand (Emilio Braga BIO) are made 100% with sugar cane fiber and totally free of bleaches. They have a unique color obtained from sugarcane bagasse that gives them a clean, fresh and natural image.

These papers are produced to the highest standards in their manufacturing process, thanks to 50 years of research and development, from their manufacturer.

This paper comes from Colombia, certified as an agricultural product and not forests, thus contributing to the salvation of our Forests and species


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